• CPAP Chin Strap ResMed
  • CPAP Chin Strap ResMed

CPAP Chin Strap ResMed

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ResMed CPAP chin straps are designed to help CPAP mask users minimize mouth opening or mouth breathing during sleep.

Manufacturer: ResMed
Product: CPAP Chin Strap
Estimated Delivery: 3-5 working days

If you have difficulty sleeping with a nasal mask or find you’re waking up with a dry mouth, the ResMed CPAP chin strap is the ideal solution. The chin strap assists in keeping the mouth closed, preventing dry mouth and snoring.

The ResMed CPAP chin strap is made of neoprene with easy-to-adjust velcro straps to support under the chin.

Comfortable, adjustable, washable and long lasting. The ResMed CPAP chin strap fits easily under or over most CPAP mask headgear.

To get the best results from your chin strap, we recommend keeping the top strap as far forward as you can towards the front of the head. This will support the chin vertically rather than diagonally backwards.

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