Philips Defect Correction Notice

UPDATE: On the 6th of July 2021, the Therapeutic Goods Administration announced that Philips Electronics Australia Ltd, following consultation with the TGA, is undertaking a 'product defect correction' on the specific affected devices. 

Click here to view the latest TGA update and risk assessment statement.

As this is a National defect correction, Philips and the TGA have established a process to log all devices and user details. The website has been updated and this is now fully functional. It is strongly recommended for you to register your current Philips device to identify and ensure a resolution:

Click here to register your Philips device with Philips Electronics Australia

The TGA recommends making an appointment with your physician before making any changes to your prescribed therapy. 

Due to the high volume of devices and patients affected by this product defect correction, we please ask for your patience and understanding, as our team members work hard to answer your questions.

We understand the importance in addressing these concerns and will do our best to support our customers, making sure you continue to benefit from your CPAP therapy.

If you would like any further information, please contact Philips Customer Care on 1800 009 579 (toll free) - Click here to view the official Philips update.

Kind regards,
Perth CPAP Management  

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