PerthCPAP and Sleep Health Foundation
POSTED 03 Nov 2015

Perth CPAP is a bona fide member of the Sleep Health Foundation (SHF), a non-profit, sleep health advocate organization that is based in Australia. Its mission is to improve the lives of people through better and healthier sleep patterns; and for the last three years has successfully conveyed its message to the community through:

• internet and various forms of media
• distribution of information brochures and leaflets
• communication with pertinent health organizations
• dissemination of information and interaction with community leaders

Primary Objectives

A restful night’s sleep is essential for a person to function at his best. Everyone needs a restful night’s sleep to be mentally and physically healthy. Independent studies indicate that over twenty percent of the world’s population have some type of sleep disorder and in spite of this data; the link between healthy living and healthy sleep has not been afforded importance. This is what SHF hopes to change.
In a nutshell, SHF aims to stress the significance of healthy living in relation to healthy sleep through:

• Advocacy – Where SHF continues to impart the powerful message regarding healthy sleep not only to government sectors but to the general community, through the social and mainstream media, websites and discourse.

• Collaboration – By partnering with the right group, SHR hopes to promote sleep health in Australia. SHR continues to further its relationships and partnerships with key players such as scientific researchers, professional and business groups, and patients.

• Public Education and Resources – The foundation continues to produce educational resources and materials about sleep disorders and healthy sleeping. These materials are available for free in associated websites and social media sites.

• Best Practice Standards – The foundation continues to adhere to the industry’s best practice standards to ensure the best sleep therapies concept by the community.

• Development and Research – SHF has numerous research funding programs to support sleep health-related research and development.

CPAP Sleep Therapies Suppliers Code of Practice

The Sleep Health Foundation has put together a Code of Practice for CPAP machine and accessories suppliers to ensure standardized products and practices. The Code of Practice is endorsed and approved by the Australian Sleep Association, the known national group of professional sleep clinicians and scientists.

“Patient First” is the core of the code. This persuades the participation of patients in decisions regarding his sleep therapy. This stipulation ensures that the initial sleep therapy and ensuing changes are in consultation and approved by licensed sleep therapy doctors.

As an active, certified member of Sleep Health Foundation, PerthCPAP adheres to this Code of Practice. This ensures that all CPAP machines and related products sold through PerthCPAP pass the standards of Sleep Health Foundation. The seal of SHF displayed on PerthCPAP website is assurance that the company is currently registered and certified by SHF.

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