Do you supply to Department of Veteran Affairs White or Gold Card Holders?
POSTED 07 Aug 2017
Yes!  Perth CPAP are a supplier to all White and Gold Card DVA patients.  The level of support varies between white and gold card holders so contact us for more information.
Will I need to use CPAP every night?
POSTED 03 Oct 2016
Yes you will. CPAP Is not a 'cure' for Sleep Apnoea, it is designed to treat this serious condition long term. If you decide to stop using your CPAP device and have not made significant lifestyle changes then it is certain that the symptoms of Sleep Apnoea will return.
Will I need to use CPAP forever?
POSTED 03 Oct 2016
Whilst it can be said that most people will need to use CPAP for the rest of their lives. Your doctor, in addition to CPAP treatment has probably recommended some lifestyle changes such as health and weight loss, as well as avoiding substances like alcohol and sedatives - if you ever want a chance of not using CPAP then you should seriously consider taking these recommendations seriously.
Will the pressure on my CPAP Machine change?
POSTED 03 Oct 2016
Over time you may find that your CPAP machine's pressure needs adjustment. Changes in your lifestyle or physique such a weight gain or loss will change your breathing requirements. Other ongoing health condition you may suffer from may also change your CPAP needs so be sure to monitor your sleep. We advise that you follow up with your physician at least every 2 years and monitor your sleep data on your device.
Will CPAP help me lose weight?
POSTED 03 Oct 2016
Sleep Apnoea can cause hormonal changes that may not prevent weight loss but can make it much more difficult. When using CPAP long term you will feel the health benefits and having more sleep you will be more energized to make lifestyle changes that aid healthy weight management.
What other benefits from CPAP can I expect?
POSTED 03 Oct 2016
Whilst everyone is not the same, CPAP users often report improvements such as less irritability and better concentration. You may also find that you respond better to the treatments given for other health related issues and you will be less at risk for stroke, heart attack and respatory problems. It is very important that you tell your regular Doctors that you have started using CPAP. You may require changes in your medication if your conditions improve. ALWAYS consult your Doctor before changing anything.
How does it take to get used to CPAP?
POSTED 03 Oct 2016
Most people adjust to using CPAP in about 2 to 3 weeks. As with everything, people are not the same and some people this can take a lot longer. The most important thing is to seek advise when you are having problems, most issues can be easily rectified.
Cold air through the mask is waking me up, what do I do?
POSTED 03 Oct 2016
There are more than one solutions to this problem: • Positioning. Make sure your CPAP machine does not have the back facing an open window. • Position the Tubing. Placing the tubing under your bedding can help, as the heat from you body will aid in increasing the temperature of the air going through the tube. • Don't sleep in a cold room. Heat your bedroom to a level that is warmer but is not uncomfortable. • Add a means of heated humidification to your CPAP device.
Is sleeping with my mouth open a problem when using CPAP?
POSTED 03 Oct 2016
CPAP is less effective if you sleep with your mouth open as you not be splinting your airway. If you wake with a dry mouth when using CPAP this could be an indicator. For most people a chin strap can solve this issue, otherwise another solution is a full face CPAP mask.
If a sore develops on my face, what do I do?
POSTED 03 Oct 2016
It could be that the mask is pressing too hard on your face, this can often be at the bridge of the nose or just under the nose. The solution to this is to wear the mask as lose as you can without affecting the air seal. It may also be that the straps are not evenly adjusted making the mask sit unevenly on your face - ensure the straps are even on both sides. It is also not advisable to use creams on your face at night before using your CPAP and always wash your face with a simple soap before sleep, this can help to prevent sores and any air leakage issues with the mask.
I have a cold and a blocked nose, do I use my CPAP?
POSTED 03 Oct 2016
We advise that you to unblock your nose using decongestants and nasal sprays. Otherwise you may be better off taking a few days off CPAP to overcome the nasal congestion. Returning to your CPAP therapy as soon as possible before symptoms of Sleep Apnoea return.
If I go to Hospital do I need to take my own CPAP?
POSTED 03 Oct 2016
Yes, as the hospital mat not be able to provide this equipment and not using it will disadvantage your recovery .Always tell your hospital doctors and anesthetists that you need to use CPAP. If it is an emergency, arrange for your CPAP to be delivered as soon as possible.
If I go on holiday can I use my CPAP overseas?
POSTED 03 Oct 2016
Certainly! Your CPAP, APAP, or bilevel sleep apnea device will function properly in another country. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to note that power outlets vary across countries. To guarantee seamless operation, be sure to bring along the appropriate plug adapter for your destination. These adapters are readily available at electronics stores, travel outlets, and airports. It’s wise to verify the power specifications and voltage standards of the country you’re visiting as a precaution. Have a safe journey! 🌎✈️
What if I can't sleep near a power point?
POSTED 03 Oct 2016
Most people who suffer from Sleep Apnoea can go up to a few nights without CPAP with minimal effect. But you should always check with your doctor that this is OK. When not using CPAP your symptoms will return, so most of the time it is more practical to use a power pack or CPAP battery. Most machines run on a 12 volt battery and there are also accessories such as power cords to connect your machine to a rechargeable battery or a car lighter socket if you are on the road. Some CPAP machines are designed for travel and include rechargeable battery packs.
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